2012: week one

  • Got into a fight with a real deal random jejemon from twitter 😐
  • Haven’t paid the bills yet, internet already got cut. Boo to my irresponsibility!
  • Inquired about new school YAAAY goodbye Electronics and Communications Engineering forever 🙂 Alas, graduation goggles.
  • Seven hours of freedom and I was up to no good already 😛  (HAHA- if you what that means). Passed out, woke up a few hours after and ended up cooking at 3am. Roommate was wondering why I was that weird.
  • Literally slept the whole day and got up at 4 in the afternoon thinking if I should get breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Went to Nikki’s debut in my 3rd year high school prom gown which still (miraculously) fits me
  • Crashed a house party down south while still wearing the gown. Owner of the house: I don’t know

A very weird start for what seems to be a very long year ahead. Cheers!


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